CVL lightning protection and grounding system for construction projects.

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Nguyen Minh Duy
Nguyen Minh Duy
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A copper-bonded ground rod is commonly used for grounding in electrical systems. Cat Van Loi Copper-bonded earth rods are a type of grounding electrode that is designed to dissipate electrical energy into the ground, thereby protecting electrical equipment and preventing electrical shock hazards. The copper coating helps to improve the conductivity of the rod and extend its lifespan, while the steel core provides strength and durability. There is also copper coating that provides corrosion resistance and ensures low impedance between the rod and the ground. CVL Copper-bonded earth rods are often used in applications such as lightning protection systems, telecommunications, power generation and transmission, and industrial and commercial facilities, residential to protect against electrical surges and to provide a safe path for electrical currents to flow in the event of a fault.

An air terminal rod is used as part of a lightning protection system. It is installed on the highest point of a structure, such as a building or a tower, to capture lightning strikes and safely conduct the electrical current to the ground through a down conductor or grounding system. The air terminal rod is designed to withstand the high voltage and current associated with a lightning strike and is usually made of a conductive material, such as copper or aluminum.

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