The unistrut channel of Cat Van Loi is used in many construction projects.

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Manh Thuong Truc
Manh Thuong Truc
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The Unistrut channels from Cat Van Loi are used in many construction projects due to their convenience and flexibility. It has become popular among industrial factories, high-rise buildings, and many fields of hanging frames and supports, such as solar power plants and rooftop solar panels.

Unistrut channels are easy to install without welding but instead are connected using readily available accessories. The quick assembly according to the existing design saves installation time. In addition, customers can easily add or reuse them when moving positions, and easily change hanging frames and supports when needed. With a lifespan of up to 25 years outdoors, they are cost-effective for solar energy projects, with a lifecycle equivalent to that of solar panels. The product has a sturdy structure and can withstand strong winds and storms.

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