How to calculate booking odds - Tips for booking odds betting in football

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If you are a football bettor, you must have heard of booking odds. Unlike other types of bets, this type of bet is not very popular but is still a favorite among many bettors. Don't miss the opportunity to make a fortune based on the instructions and betting tips from the experts in the latest football news from Seagame 31 below.
What is a booking card? What are booking odds in football?
How to calculate booking odds - Tips for booking odds betting in football Keo-the-phat.jpg
Booking cards are an important part of every professional football match. Although it does not reflect the outcome of the match, it is still a factor that can be included in betting. In fact, many bookmakers have offered booking odds betting. The following details of win tips will help you understand more about this type of bet.
Understand booking cards in football
A booking card is a warning to a player in each match. There are two types of booking cards: yellow cards and red cards. The recipient of the yellow card commits a minor offense. If he/she receives two yellow cards, it is equivalent to a red card. The recipient of the red card has committed a serious offense and will be immediately expelled from the field.
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[list="padding-right: 40px; padding-left: 40px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: sans-serif, Arial, Verdana, \"Trebuchet MS";"][*]There is no limit to the number of booking cards in each match. However, red cards are usually less common than yellow cards. In the rules of major tournaments, receiving red or yellow cards will result in a penalty in the following matches.
Booking odds in football betting
This type of bet is similar to goal betting. However, many bettors consider booking odds to be easier than goal betting. In particular, this type of bet will not need to consider the main factors of the match such as winning or losing, the score, goals, etc.
In a match, there may be many types of booking odds bets including:
Asian handicap booking odds: This type of bet is similar to Asian handicap goals. Bookmakers will evaluate which team plays better and which team plays more "rough" to handicap a certain number of points of cards. Yellow cards correspond to 1 point, and red cards correspond to 2 points.
Total booking odds: This type of bet will calculate the total number of cards in the match. The bookmaker predicts the number of cards as A. You need to predict whether the actual result will be greater than A (Over) or less than A (Under).
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[list=2][*]In addition, there are also some booking odds bets that can be organized including: the exact number of cards, the first card for which team, the color of the card, etc.

"What is "team with upper-hand" handicap in a one-goal handicap match? The most accurate way to play a 1-goal handicap bet for your reference.
Amazing tips on the corner kick betting from the master.
Similar to other bets, you also need good strategies to make accurate predictions on the number of yellow or red cards. It's not easier than betting on goals, where you can bet on whatever you want. Your betting should result from the analysis and prediction based on the reality.
In football betting, the handicap bet is also called Running Ball. Check out the basic information about Running Ball to make your bet!
Analyze the important characteristics of the match
[list="padding-right: 40px; padding-left: 40px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: sans-serif, Arial, Verdana, \"Trebuchet MS";"][*]One of the best ways to bet on yellow cards is to base it on the characteristics of the match. However, this needs to be combined with the hostility between the two teams.
For matches with significant characteristics such as finals, there are usually fewer cards drawn. In this match, the referee often limits the number of cards drawn. On the contrary, in less important matches, such as quarterfinals and semifinals, the number of cards will be higher. Especially, derby matches often have a high number of yellow cards. The teams who are "natural enemies" usually hate each other and often collide on the field.
Analyze the playing style of the two teams
[list=2][*]You can consider the number of yellow cards received by the two teams in the last 5-10 matches. Teams with rough playing style, using force, will receive more yellow cards. Conversely, teams that play beautifully, dedicatedly, and fair play will have fewer yellow cards.
You can also follow the matches between the two teams in the past. Some teams usually receive fewer cards, but when they meet that opponent, they receive a lot of cards. That's also a factor for you to choose a yellow card bet.
Choose a yellow card bet based on the referee
[list=3][*]The referee is an extremely important factor in determining the number of yellow cards in that match. Smart players will know how to rely on this factor to make a corresponding yellow card bet.
Strict referees often draw more cards than lenient referees. Besides, some referees often give the highest number of cards when they face a certain team.
The yellow card bet is quite diverse but easy to understand and participate in at reputable legal betting sites. If you can apply prediction methods as mentioned above, you will win all kinds of yellow card bets..."

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