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Nguyen Minh Duy
Nguyen Minh Duy
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Unistrut is a type of steel channel used to connect and create framework structures in construction. Unistrut channels are highly versatile in design and installation, with the ability to easily adjust height, length, and angle to fit the requirements of the project.
The applications of Unistrut in construction include:
  • Hanging systems: Unistrut is used to create hanging systems for electrical systems, lighting systems, fire protection systems, ventilation systems, and hot air ducts.

  • Support systems: Unistrut channels are used to create supports for components in mechanical systems, pipe systems, and duct systems.

  • Storage shelving systems: Unistrut is used to create storage shelving systems in warehouses, shops, and other commercial projects.

  • False ceiling systems: Unistrut channels are used to create false ceiling systems in constructions such as workshops, warehouses, and industrial zones.

  • False wall systems: Unistrut is used to create false wall systems in constructions such as shops, restaurants, and commercial zones.

In summary, Unistrut is an important accessory in construction and is widely used in many different applications to create convenient framework structures and hanging systems.

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