CVL Copper-bonded ground rod For Construction Projects Lightning Protection And Grounding System

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Nguyen Minh Duy
Nguyen Minh Duy
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A complete traditional lightning protection system consists of a traditional lightning rod, lightning conductor cables, an electrical resistance testing box, an air terminal rod, copper-bonded earth rods, and a lightning protection grounding rod. 

The CVL grounding lightning protection system is an important component of every lightning protection project and cannot be separated. A poorly performing lightning protection system can have a significant impact on the quality and safety of the project.

Copper-bonded ground rod CVL of a lightning protection system Cat Van Loi is a product in M&E electrical construction, ensuring safety for people and equipment when lightning strikes occur. Designing and constructing the lightning protection system according to international standards and techniques is a mandatory requirement for consulting designers and construction contractors. To evaluate the lightning protection system's standard compliance, several factors need to be considered, including grounding resistance, grounding scale, grounding materials, and more.

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