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Babylon Garden Spa the best massage da nang Spa!
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Babylon Garden Spa inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World in Ancient Greek Culture. Babylon Garden Spa rings you to the most luxurious atmosphere with premium service in Danang.
Babylon Garden Spa ovides a variety of professional massage therapies. We help your body be renewed, reduce stress and tranquil your mind in a wonderful way.
The Da Nang Spa Babylon Garden always treats customers as our relatives. We serve you with all our hearts and we deliver a variety of premium quality services. We make sure that you will be satisfied when coming to us.
Babylon Garden Spa Services
Spa Da Nang provides a variety of premium quality services. At first, we have two packages for full-body care.
Package: Reviver
Reviver is the recovery package that helps you relax and become more radiant.
It includes Herbal foot bath – Foot therapy (60 minutes) and Relaxing Facials Care (70 minutes).
Package: Face & Body
Immerse yourself in sophisticated spaces, with unique services for your unforgettable vacation at Babylon Garden Spa. It includes Herbal foot soak ~ Massage body The Sense Garden (60 minutes), intensive facial care (70 minutes) and Herbal sauna (20 minutes).
Besides, we also provide special services. There are foot therapy, the sense garden body massage, Thai massage, facial treatment, Babylon massage (VIP) and sauna - herbal bath..
On Foot Therapy we using perfect techniques combined essential oils, hot stones, salt stones impact on the acupuncture points in the soles of the feet and calves.
The Sense Garden Body Massage: We using pure essential oils, hot stones, and precious herbs. The therapy combines different treatments with powerful techniques as well as slow & deep movements to relieve stress, produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil your mind, release the tension in your nerves and muscles, refresh your body.
Thai Massage is an oil-free Massage based on the effects of 10 energy circuits, also using firm strokes, stretching techniques and thumb pressure, to help restore flexibility and alleviate pain in muscles and joints.
Facial Treatment to restore the equilibrium and deliver a vitamin and mineral burst to your skin.
Babylon Massage (VIP) is a perfect combination of many massage therapies. This process provides your whole body a deep relaxation state. Now, Babylon Massage is the most attractive service in Spa Da Nang.
Finally is Sauna - Herbal bath that helps improve blood circulation, rejuvenates the skin, eliminates toxins, boosts immunity, it also reduces stress and pressure. 
How about the price?
The best Spa Da Nang Babylon Garden Spa server the premium quality services with the price here:
Sauna - Herbal bath 5 USD
Foot Therapy (60 minutes) 16 USD
The Sense Garden Body Massage (60 minutes) 20 USD 
Thai Massage is an oil-free Massage (60 minutes) 25 USD 
Facial Treatment (70 minutes) 27 USD 
Babylon Massage (120 minutes) 50 USD
Package: Face & Body 39 (150 minutes) USD 
Package: Reviver (120 minutes) 31 USD
It is the best price for the premium quality services that you get.
So let enjoy and get the best refresh for your mind and your body in Da Nang Spa.
Babylon Garden Spa address: 30 Ha Bong, Son Tra – Da Nang – Vietnam. Phone : 0935 247 024 – 0935 436 243.

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